Heavy & Medium Duty Accessories


Manual Adjuster A230

Manual Adjuster with Lock Plate for Spicer Style Clutches

Alignment Tools

Alignment Tools AT-HT175

1.75" 10 Spline Alignment Tool 


2.00" 10 Spline Alignment Tool 

Clutch Brakes & Spacers

A148 Clutch Brake Spacer A148

2.00" Fiber Brake Spacer


1.75" Fiber Brake Spacer

A237 Clutch Brake A237 2.00" Clutch Brake
A238 1.75" Clutch Brake
A240 Clutch Brake A239 1.75" Torque Limiting Clutch Brake
A240 2.00" Torque Limiting Clutch Brake
A537 A537 2.00" Hinged Clutch Brake
A538 1.75" Hinged Clutch Brake

Cross Shafts

CS106C1047 9.46" Cross Shaft
CS-1094 CS106C1094 8.47" Cross Shaft
CS106C1185 5.76" Cross Shaft
CS-1498 CS106C1498 6.50" Cross Shaft
CS-939 CS106C939 10.00" Cross Shaft

Drive Lugs

A119 A119 14" Spicer Drive Lugs (274T6)

Pilot Bearings

6205-2RS 6205-2RS Pilot Bearing (OD 52mm, ID 25mm, Depth 15mm)
6206-2RS 6206-2RS Pilot Bearing (OD 62mm, ID 30mm, Depth 16mm)
6305-2RS 6305-2RS Pilot Bearing (OD 62mm, ID 25mm, Depth 17mm)
6306-2RS 6306-2RS Pilot Bearing (OD 72mm, ID 30mm, Depth 19mm)
6306-2RSN 6306-2RSN Pilot Bearing with Snap Ring (OD 72mm, ID 30mm, Depth 19mm)

Release Fork & Bushings

CSB CSB12815 Release Fork Bushing Set (4)
CSF CSF105C137 New Release Fork