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Warranty Information for Heavy Duty Clutches Only

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This unit is Pre-adjusted and therefore little to no adjustment is necessary at time of installation.  Adjusting the clutch in either direction more than 8 inches may void your warranty.

WARRANTY: 1 Year 100,000 mile limited warranty.

            ValAir, Inc. warranties its remanufactured products for a 1 (one) year and/or 100,000 miles whichever occurs first.

            Our remanufactured products are warranted against defect in workmanship and/or materials.  A unit claimed defective and returned to ValAir, Inc. must have a warranty claim form attached.

            Our liability from all causes and effects therefore is limited to the value of the unit sold.  No claim will be allowed resulting from units, which are altered, dropped, repaired, improperly installed, or used in an application other than for which it was originally intended, as set forth in our catalog.  Any unit claimed defective and found not to be a workmanship and/or material defect will be credited as a core only.

            We do not offer labor allowances.

Our Remanufactured Clutches give outstanding service and reliability when properly installed.


Technical Support 940-327-0682

WARRANTY CLAIM FORM                                 DATE _____________________________________________


DISTRIBUTOR _____________________________________________            CUSTOMER _________________________________________


ADDRESS _________________________________________________           PHONE NO. _________________________________________


PART NUMBER ___________________________________________               MECHANIC __________________________________________


VEHICLE INFORMATION MAKE ___________________   MODEL __________________________              YEAR _______________________


VIN # ________________________________________      ENGINE __________________________             HP __________________________


TYPE OF SERVICE ____________________________________________________________________________________________________


STARTING MILEAGE ______________________     DATE ________________   ENDING MILEAGE ________________    DATE ___________


REASON FOR CLAIMING UNIT DEFECTIVE _______________________________________________________________________________




A Defective Unit Returned To ValAir, Inc. Must Have The Following Completed On The Warranty Claim Form Showing The Date Of Installation, Make, Model Of Vehicle, Type Of Service In Which Vehicle Is Used, Length Of Time And Number Of Miles Unit Operated.  It Should State Nature Of And Reason For Claimed Failure.


Our Liability From Causes And Affects Therefore Is Limited To The Value Of The Unit Sold.  No Claim Will Be Allowed Resulting From Units, Which Are Altered, Dropped, Repaired, Improperly Installed, Or Used In An Application Other Than For Which It Was Originally Intended, As Set Forth In Our Catalog.  Any Unit Claimed Defective And Found Not To Be A Workmanship And/Or Material Defect Will Be Credited As Core Only.


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