Core Identification
14" Stamped Steel and 14" & 15-1/2" Cast


When purchasing a Remanufactured unit a core charge may be required, any cores that show pyshical damage such as cracking, scraping, rubbing from other metalic objects, fire damage are not acceptable as cores.

Please call us if you have any questions regarding your core or to check if a core is required for your clutch purchase.


Stamped Steel Cores

Single Disc

Two Disk

14" Cast Cores
C-14x2 6

C-14x2 6
14" with 6 Spring Cover

C-14x2 9 C-14x2 9
14" with 9 Spring Cover
15-1/2" Cast Cores
C-15x2 6 C-15x2 6
15" with 6 Spring Cover
C-15x2 9 C-15x2 9
15" with 9 Spring Cover
C-15" Solo C-15" Solo - NOTE: NO CORE VALUE
Self Adjust
C-15 Rock C-15" Rockwell - NOTE: NO CORE VALUE