New & Remanufactured Support Information
Spicer Clutches


Technical Support

Here are some of the most reoccurring problems, complaints, causes and solutions.

Complaints Probable Cause Solution
Bearing up against stop brake before pedal is depressed Front disc in backwards Turn disc around,check application
Clutch Slips Uneven flywheel surface Resurface Flywheel
Oil or grease on facings Install new disc, correct oil leak
Clutch out of adjustment Set clutch back on factory setting
Less than 3/8" between bearing and cover
Wrong application
Check application
Clutch Does not release Damaged disc during installation Replace clutch
Worn or loose pedal linkage Replace or tighten
More than 5/8" between bearing and cover See clutch brake spacers
Less than 1/2" travel on bearing Check fork, shaft and bushings
Broken or loose motor mounts Replace or tighten
Wrong flywheel depth 14" Depth should be 2.9375
Worn splines on input shaft Replace input shaft
Center plate hanging on drive lugs  14" only Align drive lugs as required
Bad pilot bearing Replace
Interference between front disc and flywheel bolts Should have minimum 5/16" clearance
Clutch fork hitting pressure plate Bad clutch fork, bad cross shaft or bushings Replace as necessary
flywheel thickness below spec See clutch brake spacers or replace flywheel
Clutch adjustment changes in short time period Easy pedal push and turn lock stripped Replace lock
Flywheel not resurfaced Replace clutch and surface flywheel
Chatter Loose, broken or worn engine mounts Tighten or replace
Pedal linkage worn Replace linkage
Misalignment Re-align
Warped or bent disc Replace disc
Bad pilot bearing Replace pilot bearing
Hard pedal Worn pedal linkage Replace linkage
Binding linkage Lubricate adjust or replace
Helpful Installation Tips

1. Wipe all surfaces clean prior to installation.
2. Verify distance between release bearing and pressure plate before installing transmission. ( should be 1/2" )
3. Inspect linkage, cross shaft, bushings and fork.
4. After transmission installed, measure gap between stop brake and bearing if more than 5/8" See stop brake spacers

Pertaining to all 14 and 15 ½ Spicer, Eaton cast 2 plate clutches.

How to tell if The Clutch is right BEFORE you install the transmission

Bearing - Cover Measurement

Factory Setting ½" in Between Bearing and Cover